So now I have this website kind of up and running. I am a one woman band setting up and learning as I go. If this was me a few years ago I would have been so overwhelmed (and I still am sometimes) that it would have been a non starter for me. I used to give up when it got tough and went for an easy option or just not care. Now I am setting up my own website and my own blog!! Eeeeekkkkk…

I have read and still read numerous blogs and if i’m honest I really enjoy it when someone shares with me their life. Not just how amazing everything is but you know keeping it real. So much that goes on on social media portrays somewhat of a perfect existence and how hunky dory (that sounds awesome in my Yorkshire accent!) life is and then there’s me – thinking no its not its HARD!! Navigating my life with the ups and the downs, the doubts and the fears, hopes and lets downs. Well I like the blogs that keep it real – yes I will share with you things that are relevant in my field of work but I want to share other aspects too.

So now we get to crux of this blog – today I set up my own website!! Eeeeekkkk I have been asking a few people I know to help me set one up. I have been talking about this since Jade Lotus was in the process of being set up and why hasn’t anything been done till now? Because I have been too afraid of it being too hard for me and feeling like I failed and that feeling is horrible!

I did it though! It’s not a most amazing, fantastic website or blog right now but I did it for me and Jade Lotus (that isn’t my name by the way – that blog comes next!) and I am proud that I finally did it. Steep learning curves are awesome when you get near to the end of the curve because it isn’t as scary as you thought it was going to be.

So just try it…ease yourself in gently you don’t have to jump tread into the water and it’s not as scary as you thought it was going to be!!

“It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”

Mandy Hale