It’s been nearly two weeks since I update this blog. There are many reasons or excuses call them what you want but I am where I am. So why so busy? Have I been out to Christmas Markets and making a name for myself and Jade Lotus? Well I guess I have in a way – because everywhere I go there are opportunities to talk about what I do and more importantly why!

I must admit I was never this enthusiastic about my previous jobs but when something is your own and created solely for you it’s a different responsibility and onus. But no I haven’t been busy out at markets selling away.

I have been buying my jewellery bench, catching up with an old friend, making jewellery, making soap for Christmas presents, introducing doTerra essential oils to clients and completing a few customer orders for Christmas and not a lot of time has been left for updating my blog – but I am dedicated to updating it so here I am today (after soap making and setting up my jewellery station in the garage!!).

So the highlights – completing a stone setting workshop so I can get started with creating settings for all the stones that I purchased from India – that was amazing , things take a while to sink in with me and I’m more of a doer – so theory is great but sometimes I just want to be stuck in and do so I did! As you can see by the picture it’s a gorgeous gemstone setting on my sterling silver ring – I love the deep green colour of this calcedony stone.

Now my next project to making a rose quartz setting – which is coming along nicely and will be completed on Tuesday I’m hoping.

Soaps, soap, soaps – I totally love making soaps – for those that follow me on Instagram and Facebook they can see some of the soaps I’ve been making for Christmas and others that have been requested i.e. the most popular Activated charcoal with tea tree and lemongrass essential oil which works amazingly on problem skin as well as smelling fantastic.

The next week for more is about planning for 2018 (yes not long to go!) – I have got a long list of a lot of vegan fairs that are taking place all over the country and I want to plan them in – I’m looking at booking in at least one a month for now – looking at logistics and footfall from previous years so make sure I get exposure and actually sell products so I will keep you posted.

More important than that though is the preparing to send in my safety assessments for my soaps! I can’t sell commercially at the moment because of EU Safety regulations (which not many people know about) – so the next couple of weeks will be really looking at what I’ve been making over the last 6 months or so and deciding which ones I want to have assessed and get the green light for selling commercially – I already know my soap base will be Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) free like most of the commercially made soaps/cleaning products because it’s just not good for your body. The other details of my soaps needs some time to be mulled over to make sure I’m 100% happy with – exciting times ahead!!