Following on from last weeks post – I have been thinking about my next post and what I should write about. Seeing as this is a new blog I want to talk more in depth about Jade Lotus and veganism.

I want to say one day I just woke up and had a lightbulb moment and decided I just couldn’t be part of this horrendous animal exploitation industry but it really wasn’t that. It in fact wasn’t really about the animals at all for me. Now I know more about the industry this gives me another reason to strengthen my desire to be separate from it all.

My journey was a very slow transition from meat eater to vegan and took around a year. The first reason I stopped eating meat due to yoga and meditation they say the feelings, the distress and pain when animals were being killed indirectly affected a human, by eating this meat all the residual energy – the distress and pain that was absorbed in the flesh was transferred into my body and thought processes. That was the tipping point for me stop eating meat.

I attended a Reiki seminar to understand more what Reiki (a natural healing system that works on every level (physical, spiritual, mental and emotional) was about it – I listened to about how it isn’t natural for humans to drink milk– we were the only mammals to drink another animals milk into adulthood. No other animal did that, even human babies stop drinking breast milk after a certain age but humans continued drinking cow’s milk. The transition continued when I met a young vegan lady who kept talking about why being vegan is so important – she recommended I watch “Earthlings” after 30 minutes I stopped it was too horrific. From that day I was vegan – it’s not been easy and I have slipped up a few times but I am human, I do not claim to be perfect but I am trying and consciously making veganism a way of life.

This is something I strive within my company “Jade Lotus” to encompass all that I am and all that I learn through my yoga, meditation, natural living as well as veganism to share the things I love with likeminded people.

All my products are vegan, cruelty free and infused with reiki and positive energy this includes my soaps, the jewellery I make and sell and the essential oils have reiki done before they are sold.

Wherever people are on their journey into veganism (or not as the case maybe) I will continue to educate and talk about my experiences and my reasons for change. If people are interested and if they choose this path for it is more than a lifestyle it is a way of living then that is amazing and if not, then that is their journey.

Compassion and forgiveness is part of being vegan and of being human. It is their journey and theirs alone to live but always remember you can be the change you want to see in this world.

We are each made for goodness, love and compassion. Our lives are transformed as much as the world is when we live with these truths.

Desmond Tutu