22 days in the New year and I haven’t created a new blog entry! It’s been a really busy start to the new year (not that I am making excuses!).

So firstly, I wish everyone a happy new year and hope 2018 is kind, full of love, joy and peace of the deep individual kind. Celebrating new year is always a bit strange – people going out spending a fortune all for the sake of the 10 second countdown and the numerous fireworks going off from Big Ben to Leeds to Scotland (I’ve never been but I’m sure it happens!!) and if you enjoy that kind of thing then enjoy 😊.

Personally, my New Year was spent meditating, deciding on what I wanted to let go on from 2017 and setting intentions for 2018.

So my mantra (according to google one of the definitions is: a statement or slogan repeated frequently) for 2018 which isn’t particularly ground breaking but its pertinent to me and the way I want my year to be – it is “I believe…..”, and its for all aspects of my life, from my personal life to Jade Lotus.

Sometimes we are so caught up in “I wish this had happened…”, “If only….”, “I want to change….”, self-doubt, negative self-talk is prevalent in everyday life. Sometimes life isn’t amazing and fantastic, we have bad days and not so bad days – every time I feel like something isn’t going well – I will repeat my mantra “I believe” and it may not make the situation different, but it can totally change my perception of how I view said situation.

So, I totally feel guilty for not updating my blog but “I believe it isn’t the end of the world’ it’s ok, I’m still here and planning amazing things for 2018.

I keep going on about this but haven’t actually said what I’ve been doing!!

This year I will be starting to go out and meeting people/customers and marketing and selling Jade Lotus products. I have approximately 6 Vegan fairs/events booked with many more in the pipeline and I can’t believe the sheer volume of fairs being organised by various parties it’s amazing, the movement is getting bigger and bigger and I can’t see it slowing down.

I believe collective consciousness is increasing and that can only mean a good thing for all sentient beings – it’s won’t change overnight or even in a few years but slowly it will change.


P.S. keep following me on Instagram and Facebook to see where I will be live so you can meet me and see my amazing products. 😊

Lots of Love and light,

Jade Lotus (a.k.a Alida) x