In my new blog series post we move onto talking about suitability of reiki for various people and things!

Reiki healing is a spiritual healing practice and is built on the belief that when the universal energy within us and around us is balanced, it can strengthen one’s wellbeing.

In today’s world, Reiki is used by a vast array of people to help ease pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression. It is also used by people to support recovery after surgery or injuries and reduce the side effects of medications and treatments. This is because often Reiki can help people feel deeply relaxed, help people cope with difficult situations and relieve emotional stress and tension. Reiki is also sometimes used in palliative care, especially in hospices.

As Reiki involves using hands to transfer restoring life energies into the body- healing it physically and mentally, anyone from children, older generations, animals and even plants can all benefit from Reiki.

When I am making jewellery, every one of my pieces that is made is infused and cleansed with Reiki , from soaps to crystal bracelets to bespoke rings.

I also often use Reiki to cleanse my crystals because it is about channelling and improving the flow of universal energy in and around us all (even science has proven that everything is energy in its most simplest form).

Sometimes human tendencies can be such that it can inhibit our ability to be receptive to holisitic treatments, so I would say Reiki is suitable for anyone but be open to receiving it- i.e. try it with an open mind, it cannot do any harm!

What have you got to lose?

I offer Holisitic Reiki sessions in Dewsbury (Yorkshire) and surrounding areas in the UK. Feel free to contact me to arrange a free consultation to see if reiki would be beneficial for you.