In my previous blogs, I have explained where Reiki has originated from, some of the benefits of Reiki and the Reiki principles. Some of the most common queries about Reiki also include an understanding of how Reiki is performed, and whether it hurts or not.

In answer to does Reiki hurt? I would say ‘physically no, emotionally possibly’. Physically, Reiki causes no pain, but emotionally as it is an energy detoxification/energy purification therapy, it can throw up emotions that you don’t necessarily want to think about or deal with, but it is necessary to address these emotions as part of the healing journey. Similar to an inflammation in your body, where an inflammation is your body’s way of protecting the affected area to let it heal, Reiki could trigger an emotional process, for example I have been in tears during a session I have been given, but I trust that it is the process I need to go through in order for me to heal and every time something happens, it is a release for me energetically to get the energy moving and flowing. The energy shifts are necessary to raise the vibrations and my emotional and spiritual energy levels.

If performing a distance healing session, the client can be sat anywhere, doing anything because it is about me channelling the energy to whom I am giving Reiki.

Physically, Reiki can be performed whilst sitting up, or lying down (fully clothes), with the client’s eyes closed. If someone is sitting or lying down, I tend to start from the head and work through the different areas of the body, all the way down to the feet and stay at various points for 3-5 minutes. The amazing thing about Reiki is that the energy will flow through where it is needed, sometimes if I am drawn to a certain area of the body I might go there and stay longer.

Before and during the session, I go into the Reiki zone by meditating to really focus on healing my client and get the client to do some deep breathing bring in an increase in oxygen which aids in relaxation and allows the healing to take place. Reiki symbols are then used, and there is an energy connection between the client and the practitioner. During the end of the session, the energetic link is cut (term is called “cutting the cord”), so the energy is with the client and I as the practitioner is not energetically connected to my client.

I could be at the clients’ head but could feel something physically on my body. Different practitioners feel differently. I feel physically through my body. As an example, I was giving Reiki to a friend whom I had not seen for a few months and whilst giving Reiki healing for a few minutes, I felt a tingling sensation on the side of my head. After the session, I was talking to him and I mentioned it, which he said was interesting as he had been experiencing headaches in the same spot for 2-3 weeks! After the session he said he felt a lot calmer and relaxed.

There are different ways of giving Reiki healing- one size does not fit all. I work very intuitively, and it is also very much dependant on the client and having communication to be able to work together.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me- I am based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire in UK, and I am mobile and can also provide distance healing.