Hi everyone – I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since my Reiki Facebook live instalment. I want to use the excuse that it left me traumatised and I’ve been recovering since BUT that would be an untruth and I don’t like to say things that are not true!

I’ve been stuck in making a decision about my business, it wasn’t an easy decision (and my body was very good at telling me this!) but I’ve taken the plunge and made it…keep looking back for updates on my blog or Facebook for more information!

Now I’m back and here’s my next instalment of Reiki Part 5.

What are the Reiki principles?

Similar to many other holistic practices, attached to its core, Reiki has some principles which are guidelines to strive for and live by on a day to day basis, and they allow us to fully embrace the Reiki energy. In this blog, I will go through these and explain how they work for me in day to day life.

Dr. Usui presents five principles and all begin with “Just for today”. In terms of the theme “just for today”, it is the re-iteration of living in the present moment. I have these principles by my bedside so I look at them in the morning and at night.

1. “Just for today I will not be angry” or to spin it around, “Just for today, I let go of anger”. Before I discovered Reiki, anger was my default setting at frustration and when things just weren’t going “my way”. Even today, I get irritated and frustrated by different triggers, but this principle helps me to be aware of this emotion.
When I say I am not going to be angry, or I am going to let go of anger, I am acknowledging that it is ok to have these emotions, but the way in which I deal with them is different. As I have explained in my previous blogs, Reiki is all about the energy around us and within us. In the same way, emotions are energy in themselves. By letting go of anger, you are transforming it into something else, by inviting love and compassion as an opposite to anger.

2.“Just for today, I will not worry” or as an alternative, “Just for today, I let go of worry”. Worry comes in all shapes and sizes – one worry, for example, worrying about money can then spiral into worries across all aspects of your life (home, job, family etc). This principle helps me to remain grounded i.e. In this moment I am not going to worry because I believe there is a divine power with a better plan. The principle helps me to accept what is and what will be- it is not about being passive, and it is important to have goals, this is about being in the present to experience the happiness, joy and bringing in positive emotions in the current surroundings.

3.“Just for today I will do my work honestly”. This is about giving your best possible self and devotion to your work. It is a principle I practice as part of living life honestly, ethically and morally and the output (rewards) of the devotion will be reaped without attaching the focus on this reward. As a Reiki practitioner, it is also important to be in the present as when conducting a healing session with a client, the healing takes place from a place of love.

4. “Just for today I will be kind to my neighbours and every living thing”. This is about honouring family, those you know and those you come across. When I talk about being kind to everyone, I believe in “Treating others how you would want to be treated”. The base being, everyone deserves love and kindness, and I can be the person that brings a bit of light in the lives that those who may not reciprocate but that is ok.

5. “Just for today, I give thanks for my blessings”. This is all about showing gratitude. When you express love and kindness to other people, then the connection can have a domino effect- similar to the ‘Payforward’ concept. There are many things to be grateful for, and when journaling I write down the things that I am grateful for, for example hearing the birds singing when I wake up, having a roof over my head, my health and a good family. I am grateful to have so many amazing and wonderful things in my life. This principle encourages the attitude of saying thank you and being grateful for anything that comes in my life (whether I like it or not at the time!).

Reiki helps to increase vibrations and starts entering the realms of laws of attraction- e.g light attracts light and when we work and live by these principles, we are raising consciousness which in turn helps the flow of energy to all and helps to uplift and relax.

I offer Holisitic Reiki sessions in Dewsbury and surrounding areas in the UK. Feel free to contact me to arrange a free consultation to see if reiki would be beneficial for you.