What are diffuser necklaces?

Our Diffuser Necklaces are much more than just a pretty locket: they bring about the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils anywhere, anytime. The lockets have a (vegan) felt pad that is placed in the middle of the locket and they come in an array of different colours.

All you do is place 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil to the diffuser pad before popping it inside the locket. Your necklace will diffuse the scent and breathe in the aroma all day. 

Our necklaces are from the highest quality non-corrosive 316L surgical stainless steel.  Rose gold pieces are plated with an electromagnetic plating and each item is made specially with intention for Jade-Lotus and does not use glues or adhesives for maximum durability.

These gorgeous necklaces are guaranteed to last and not to lose their sparkle over time, no matter what type of essential oil you are using. Each diffuser necklace comes with a pendant diffuser locket, a chain in 8 refill pads in a range of colours, and a quality cotton bag to keep your necklace in.