An introduction…


Thanks for being here – my name’s Alida and Jade Lotus is the result of long, very varied and interesting journey…

I started my career in a big Corporate Company and in 2014 I felt it wasn’t enough, It wasn’t setting my soul on fire! At that point I didn’t really have a clue what it was that WAS going to set it on fire, so I took a journey of self-discovery.

This journey took me away from home and my friends and family to my father’s birthplace of India. In the two and half years I lived in India I explored my deepest, darkest most hidden desires. It was a time for real soul searching, there had to be more than the mundane reality my life had become. Being part of the “rat race” as it’s often referred to wasn’t where I was destined to be.

In India I discovered a place where I could just be me, nothing more, nothing less – it felt like I had returned home or finally found the core of my soul/energy – call it what you will!

Through my self-exploration I discovered yoga, meditation and reiki.  The underlying principle for all these disciplines is energy, and on a more simplistic level they helped me feel at peace, feel love. 

Jade Lotus was born from this energy and love – a place where I can share my passions, my energy; where I can infuse this amazing energy we all possess into everything I do – be that creating a piece of jewellery, taking a yoga class or channelling energy through reiki.

I have been so amazingly blessed with the business since I started, met many wonderful people along the way and get to share amazing pieces of myself through my work.

I am also so fortunate that I can support myself and my family through the work I do.

I am forever full of gratitude to have been given this amazing opportunity to have a business that isn’t just a business but a way of life for me and to share the energy through my work with friends, family individuals, communities, groups, networks and more!


Love and Light,